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Give the gift of pain relief. Buy a gift certificate for someone you know who could benefit from Trigger Point Therapy. We want to stress that our massages are not full body mainstream massages. Trigger point is focused therapy that aims to relieve pain wherever it may be. Please note that open communication with the therapist is instrumental in getting the most out of the session. The results are effective and long lasting. Give a gift you’ll be remembered for!

Thank You for Purchasing a Massage from Santa Rosa Medical Massage!

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  •   Great combination of therapists..Stacey does "magic" trigger point, Beth does a wonderful combination of stretching, kinesiology and trigger point..Stacey is a generous soul and gives of her self in every interaction and has offered free massages to first responders...don't believe the negative review below...have no idea what that dude's issues were but certainly not reflective of my experience there!

    thumb Patricia L.
  •   Stacy took my pain away!  Months of low back pain and spasm brought me in for a Trigger Point Massage.  I will never wait that long again in pain.  Thank You - Thank you!

    thumb S G.
  •   I had a trigger point and cupping session with Andrea. I've been in so much pain for a while now and at the moment my pain is at least 75% better which rarely happens for me. It's not the traditional massage one might be used to because its really targeting the most painful areas, but Holy cow does it make a difference. I met her and another woman whose name I didn't catch, but they were both super nice. The place is clean and welcoming and I am going to need to make this a regular part of my pain routine at least monthly.

    thumb Kathryn B.
  •   I found this place via Yelp. My shoulders and neck were so tight that I couldn't even move my head to the side.

    I booked with this place because:
    1. They had a same day appointment
    2. I was able to book online
    3. They had a special for new clients - 60 minute trigger point for only $59

    I got Jamie as a massage therapist and she was absolutely wonderful. I also added cupping ($10 extra) to my session. By the end of the appointment I was able to move my neck. I was still stiff and sore but better. As the day went on I noticed that I was getting better slowly. Two days later... I am still getting better.

    This was my first time doing a trigger massage and I am hooked. It was better than any massage I have gotten and they really focused on the areas that were giving me pain. This is a massage where you can see the effects of it happen day after day.

    I will definitely be back. It's a lot more affordable than traditional places so you can actually afford to do a massage more than a couple times a year.

    thumb Leslie T.
  •   There is not a better person to get your body where it needs to be other than Stacy! She is the best in the business. Stacy listens to your body and by the end of your session, your body will thank you!

    thumb Teri M.
  •   I found Stacy by asking my acupuncturist who she recommends for massage and I was given her number. I had also found her when researching massage practitioners who work with people suffering from sciatica and psoas muscle issues. Out of desperation I called Stacy and booked an appointment. I was able to book online which was super convenient and I went in for specific targeted massage. For the first time after my massage I felt no pain, NONE! That feeling lasted well over an hour so I knew I was onto something good. The relief I received is insurmountable. I've been on pain medications for a herniated disc for months and I was feeling pretty low and depressed. I finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know if it's the combination of care I am receiving through acupuncture chiropractic care and massage but I think I'm going to be able to beat this thing without surgery. I continue to go back for massage twice a week to focus on other areas of tension and I kind of feel like I'm a new person because of it. The color is coming back to my face, I'm feeling more hopeful and that is truly the gift. Thank you Stacy and Cheryl for the care you've given me and I wish you all a merry Christmas

    thumb Courtney V.