Give the Gift of Massage

Give the gift of pain relief. Buy a gift certificate for someone you know who could benefit from Trigger Point Therapy. We want to stress that our massages are not full body mainstream massages. Trigger point is focused therapy that aims to relieve pain wherever it may be. Please note that open communication with the therapist is instrumental in getting the most out of the session. The results are effective and long lasting. Give a gift you’ll be remembered for!

  •   I have chronic back pain and a hard time finding relief. My appointment with the therapist here was SO helpful. They were very intuitive and got to the root of my muscle pain. They also gave me good recommendations for healing and pain management after. I have paid much more than $95 for an hour massage at this level of care and healing--definitely worth it!

    thumb Jackie C.
  •   I had a trigger point and cupping session with Andrea. I've been in so much pain for a while now and at the moment my pain is at least 75% better which rarely happens for me. It's not the traditional massage one might be used to because its really targeting the most painful areas, but Holy cow does it make a difference. I met her and another woman whose name I didn't catch, but they were both super nice. The place is clean and welcoming and I am going to need to make this a regular part of my pain routine at least monthly.

    thumb Kathryn B.
  •   I was in desperate need of having my back cupped before a competition as my chiropractor was out of town. I was looking on Yelp and came across this location. Andrea was amazing! She explained how everything would go, warned me of sensations I might feel, and ensured I was comfortable the entire time. She started off with a gentle massage and then loosely added a cup to warm it up, I think she said. It felt like a massage with the cup. It was quite nice. As she placed the cups, she made sure I was okay with the pressure for every single one. I did learn that cup son the fattier part of your body hurts a little more than the muscular parts. That was a weird sensation but I felt good the entire time. While the cups did their thing, Andrea gave me a little upper body massage with and without the cups. It was so soothing. I giggled to myself when she went toward the top of my shoulders. I have very muscular shoulders and it's like hills and valleys. The cups just wanted to pop right off every time. She did get one to stick really well and it made me wonder "Should I also get my traps cupped?!" cause it felt really good.
    When we were done, the cupped area was very risen and it felt weird to sit back against anything but the swelling went down after a few hours. I was a little worried I was bruised in some of the areas but it was just tender.
    I loved this experience and I will be back! After reading these reviews on the massages... I need a massage now! Oh, I also won my competition! My back held up the entire day! Thank you, Andrea!

    thumb Mandi K.
  •   Stacy was fantastic. Thorough knowledge of the body, listened well and outstanding technique. I can't recommend her highly enough. I wish I could go back tomorrow but she's booked well ahead.

    thumb J S.
  •   Best massage on the planet! Stacy is amazing!!! Not only does she know her stuff, but she shares her knowledge on healing xx thank you Stacy

    thumb Deb D.
  •   I have just started attending Santa Rosa Medical Massage and have referred a lot of friends to the business. Stacy is a very kind person and her business is run well.

    The pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us, and I appreciate the steps that the business has taken to keep clients and staff safe, especially since massage cannot be done at a distance. The communication about the COVID policies is well communicated, including in appointment reminder emails and a sign on the door.

    There are a lot of different therapies offered, and I was able to get advice on what type of therapy may be best based on my specific needs. There was also a lot of communication before and during treatment regarding pressure preference and areas of focus, which is appreciated.

    I had a great massage, and my partner did as well. He went for more specific pain due to repetitive motion and sports. He was unable to lift his arm above his head, but left with improved mobility and decreased pain. Stacy also gave him recommendations for reading materials to help with overall wellness.

    The business is also currently offering free extern massages, which I think is fantastic because it helps new massage therapists with their career development AND is a great benefit to clients. Win, win!

    thumb Elizabeth G.