“Stacy is a wonderful massage therapist however on my third visit something extraordinary happened. She decided to work on my chest for the full hour using acupressure and trigger point therapy. When she was done, I swear I walked out a half inch taller and my shoulders were square. Prior to that visit my shoulders were rounded and my shoulders are still square after 2 weeks. It was truly a life changing visit. I would highly recommend Stacy as a massage therapist. She is very skilled and truly cares about her clients.” Ted

I just have to thank you SO VERY much for the BEST massage of my life!!!! I feel like a new woman!! You were SO in tuned with me and my knots!! Every touch was filled with love! This is your TRUE calling Stacy. You have an intuitive nurturing GIFT and I feel so blessed to have found you!! My BODY & soul THANKS YOU.
Denise Esposti Frye

I highly recommend Stacy for a relaxing healing massage. Her massage treatment is as effective as someone who has been in the field for years. She obviously has a healing touch and a passion for this type of body work. I look forward to many more sessions with Stacy in the years to come! Sheron B

I had an excellent experience receiving a massage from Stacy. I had some pretty painful muscle tightness so I was in major need of exactly what she provided: fantastic release of those trigger points. The entire process was professional – her online booking system and email confirmation reminders were great. I was impressed with her massage room, so many posters and resources with details about the body, stretches, sports specific references. But her hands told the real story. She has great hands!! And she has a lovely style – she asked the right questions and was very specific, showed great attention to detail in her treatment and analysis of my sore-ness, and was very kind during the at times uncomfortable moments when my muscles wanted to fight her work. Highly recommend and I will be back.
Laurel E, Bigfork, MT 9/3/11

Stacy really knows her stuff. If there’s one thing I cannot tolerate, it’s paying money for a nambie-pambie massage. Yes, you can mention to the therapist to go deeper with more pressure, but a timid therapist does not a good massage make. This will not happen with Stacy, she listens to the client and is excellent at determining what a body needs. Chris O.

StacyI just had to let you know how great I felt after the massage on Tuesday. I did NOT have a headache that night, as you thought I might, and feel a great deal of relief in my neck. You really got the right spot. Thank you. See you Tuesday. Matthew

I had the great privilege to get a massage from Stacy, and what a wonderful experience it was. Stacy is professional, skilled and has great energy, I enthusiastically recommend her services. Jody S

I have known Stacy for over 10 years. I knew her as a mortgage broker in her other life and watched her transition to a massage therapist. I had been meaning to get over and see her for a looong time and I think maybe I was shy since I knew her….. I am so glad I got over it because I had the best massage of my life. This is what she is meant to do and I am addicted. I just want to tell everyone. I am sending my wife to Stacy and I can’t wait to go back myself. Hans B Sebastopol

Stacy Desjardins is an awesome massage therapist. I know because I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her healing touch when she fulfilled an externship through my employer. Every week, Stacy created a soothing environment and skillfully relieved aches and tensions. Her demeanor and personality are well-suited to the work as well. She has an appealing nurturing vibe that set me at ease form the first-made me comfortable with her ability and trust her intuition. She never failed to find my stress points and ease them away. I miss her just thinking about it. I highly recommend Stacy as a massage therapist for her professionalism, personalist and talent. Alexandra Russell, NorthBay Biz magazine

I’ve known Stacy for 30+ years and I’m SO HAPPY she’s chosen massage for a career. Example: I made an appointment after straining some muscles in my back, and not only did she work wonders on that, but she also (without me saying anything) discovered a stiffness in my neck and spent some extra time working on that, too. Both my back and neck are so much better thanks to her expertise and natural talents. She also came into my office on a weekly basis for a while and provided chair massage to myself and my coworkers. Everyone both anticipated and enjoyed that awesome office perk I’d highly recommend Stacy to anyone who wants a massage with real results and/or wants to show their employees how much they’re appreciated. Julie F Santa Rosa, CA 7/18/11

Why worry about your tensions, when Stacy has chosen massage as her work? An intelligent preening energy, methodical and graceful. People who _ _ _ _ _ _ people, are the most _ _ _ _ _ _ people in the world’. On Stacy DesJardins’s table, the massage therapist owner of Hands2Go, my mind meandered, singing: People who choose people, are the most chosen people in the world. I’ve received Trigger Point massage treatments from Stacie for 5 months. I vouch for her healing touch.. The choice is yours. You’ll feel chosen. Laura L. (Yelp)



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