massage cuppingMassage Cupping™ is a type of massage therapy that uses suction as a way to promote healing of the joints and muscles. Utilizing silicone or plastic cups with a vacuum pistol they are glided along the muscles while gently lifting and pulling up the skin. Using techniques like gliding, shaking, popping and rotating, this therapy promotes health and healing by loosening soft and connective tissue, increasing lymphatic flow and circulation and moving stagnation within the body like lactic acid where sore muscles reside. This suction based therapy has the ability to pull toxins and inflammation to the surface of the skin where elimination is made possible by the lymphatic system. The suction is able to reach deep into the soft tissue, attachments and organs where toxins generally reside making it an effective therapy for overall health and well being. Side effects of this therapy are generally mild but may include:

  • Post tenderness: usually less than experienced from deep tissue work

  • Redness and Itching: increased vaso-dilation and/or inflammation brought to the surface

  • Decreased Blood Pressure: due to vaso-dilation and/or nervous system sedation

Some after care suggestions we recommend are:

  • As always, plenty of water should be consumed to eliminate the surface toxins brought to the skin surface.

  • Avoid showers, steam, sauna and exercise immediately following bodywork.

  •  Light stretching and range of motion exercises are helpful

  • Exercise the next day will help increase circulation to aid in fading of cup kisses.


People who are on blood thinners should avoid Massage Cupping™. If you start taking such medication please inform the therapist so your treatment plan can be adjusted. If you are under the care of an acupuncturist, massage cupping could potentially interfere with acupuncture treatments, and should be avoided.

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